Signature Projects can organise the design for your project. We work regularly with a number of professional architects and interior designers that will be able to provide you with exceptional design service to suit your requirements and budget. 


We like to involve our clients in the initial design stage as much as practically possible as working together as a team will bring the best possible outcome and ensure a smooth and efficient project. 



Signature Projects can organise local authority approval for your project. We can submit all architectural drawings, service drawings and specifications to a number of private certifiers that we regularly engage. 


On the completion of your project we will organise final approval, certificates and all local authority requirements. 

Project Management & Construction


Before the commencement of any project, the Signature Projects team will get together and discuss each project in detail. We will provide a detailed programme and work out our methodology prior to starting any project on site.


Safety is a high priority item to us and every project we undertake is different to the next and as such an individual safety plan is done for each project. We ensure this is up to date prior to starting, all contractors must have their current white card and safe work method statements with them on site before they are allowed to commence work on site. 


During construction we monitor all aspects from site registers, SWMS's, tool box meetings and works programme to ensure a safe working environment and on time hand-over.

Design & Turn-Key Solutions


At Signature Projects we take pride in working with you to give you the office environment that you require. We can provide you with our experience to guide you through from architectural and services design, certification, project management, construction to hand-over. All our sub-contractors are of a very high standard and work closely with our construction team to provide a successfull outcome for our clients.